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Week 3 Unit 5 : Audio

  (Moura 2015) AUDIO This week, the focus was all on audio. We concentrated on this without the support of visuals, and for the practical task it was different to tell a story wholly without the use of video. it... Continue Reading →

Week 2 Reflection and Feedback

This week was quite enjoyable, and really informative. I enjoyed researching the different camera movement techniques on my own as well, and watching video examples of some of the shoots that I could implement into my own work. Learning about... Continue Reading →

Tasks 2 : Visual Skills

  For this week's task, we learnt about screen direction, the different types of camera movement, equipment that is used to achieve this and the way to illustrate it effectively in a storyboard. The Storyboard Creating a storyboard is one... Continue Reading →

Social Media Report

TWITTER   (Glenn Chapman 2016) A Short History The creation of twitter initially started with a podcasting platform named Odeo, and it was allegedly created by Noah Glass in his apartment. It involved calling a number where your message would then... Continue Reading →

Evidence Document


Week 7 Reflection and Feedback

Unit 2 - Editing Research I really enjoyed researching editing techniques and learning more about wel known and talented editors such as Walter Murch. I definitely learnt many things that I can apply to my own editing, and with this... Continue Reading →

Week 7 Unit 3 : Working Practices

Working Practices In the Media industry, the most common form of employment is a free lancer. This person is self employed and is not committed to working for one company full time, but instead does specific work for different jobs... Continue Reading →

Hallo Project

 PROJECT PROPOSAL   Name  Rhiana Bonterre Pathway Project Title  Hallo Project Section 1: Rationale (Approx. 100 words)   In this project, I aim to showcase what it can be like in the head of someone who suffers from schizophrenia, but... Continue Reading →

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