Task 1:

Define project and background

My project revolves around the frustration that the subject feels from the negativity going on in the world from materialism, poverty, climate change and peoples lack of concern for this, who’d rather worry about themselves than what is occurring in the world around them. She feels powerless as an individual to make any significant change but is dissatisfied with living a life that ignores this negativity and indulges in the materialistic factors. I want to visualise this concept through producing an experimental film

Short review of what you know about your subject.

– can be as a mindmap.

Key areas where I need to develop my knowledge.

I have done a great deal of research on experimental films themselves, where it derived from and elements that are consistent throughout them. I have watched a countless amount of short ones and have picked up techniques that would be useful in my own project. However, I still need to explore some more experimental films that are seen as iconic in avade grant cinema. For example The Flower thief (1960) by Ron Rice is a classic experimental film that revolves around the rejection of conventional values. Its theme is quite similar to my project, as the subject rejects the ‘norm’ of materialism. I would also like to watch and analyse other films, poems and artwork that was made in the 1960’s Beat era, where these creators rejected the materialism of post world war II America.

Moreover, I would like to develop my knowledge a lot more on the issues that I am portraying in my project. This would include looking deeper into theories such as Materialism, Mysticism, Mean World Syndrome, Ennui and Existentialism. I may not fully include all of these ideologies in my work, but improving my knowledge on them may help me to shape the ideas that I do include in my film a little better. Fully understanding the frustration that the subject is feeling will better shape the narrative. I will do this by reading articles and books on the topic. I will also conduct interviews and distribute questionnaires , where I will ask individuals questions pertaining to the issues my film highlights, and their attitudes towards the negativity of the world, if they feel the urge to do anything about it, and what exactly they do or want to do to make a change.

Thirdly, I would like to explore the ways I can use water, paint and texture to create specific effects in my work. Through watching the way artists like Man Ray made films, it has inspired me to experiment with other ways I can represent moods within my film and add to it’s abstract aesthetic. As my film begins with the subject painting, using vibrant colours in water and featuring it as cutaways will add something different to my production.  I will conduct this research by watching specific videos where this is practiced, expressionist artwork and practising the methods myself.


Select suitable research methods and design research activities to be completed this week.

In order to find out peoples personal views on materialism, Mean world syndrome and some of the negative things going on in the world and how they feel because of it I will conduct interviews, in order to get an in depth explanation from the individuals. This will give me a clear idea of how some people feel about these topics.


I will also give out questionnaires regarding the same sort of questions. The results for this will be more quantitative than qualitative as it aims to find out how materialistic young people are, how much they are aware of, and how willing they are do make any sort of change that they can.