UAL Awarding Body – Level 3 Diploma

Unit 8 – Project Proposal

Name Rhiana Bonterre
Project Title Final Major Project
Section 1: Rationale (Approx. 150 words)
The themes of materialism and narcissism that I intend to portray in this project are issues that concern me and I am passionate to express them in a visually captivating way.

My project is inspired by experimental films, and shows the frustration of the subject from the world’s negativity, people’s lack of concern, and her own inability to create any specifically big change. This is visualised through a variety of clips that match this theme. It will include both abstract and real life clips. Another sequence that will occur throughout the film is the subject physically painting what she is feeling on canvas, mirroring the themes portrayed in the film.

The issues being illustrated of materialism, narcissism and a self-absorbed culture is currently really relevant and something that relates to my generation in particular. Its visuals and editing techniques that I intend to use together with its hard hitting theme will definitely capture the audience’s attention.

Section 2: Project Concept (approx. 200 words)
 For my project, I intend to make a film that opens people’s eyes to the issues being portrayed. I also aim to explore how creatively I can portray this message without the need for much narration or explanation, but rather visual clips and pictures.

My main influencers are experimental filmmakers, such as David Lynch and Joel Schlemowitz. Abstract art work has also influenced and inspired me immensely.

The research that I intend to cover will include both the narrative, creative and technical aspects. The topic of a self-centred generation and the effects of materialism will be researched, as well as statistics relevant to it. My research will also include watching as many experimental films as I can, and picking out things within them that I found particularly interesting and can incorporate in my own work. I also intend to read articles and segments of books that cover the topic of experimental films and the different ways they can be made.

My target audience will include people who are interested in experimental films and watch them regularly. Also artists, as the strong visuals and abstract portrayal of the issue will grab their attention. In addition, the target audience can include people who are curious and concerned about the issues that are portrayed.

My main roles in this project will include cinematographer, director, and editor. My main role in this project would be the one of a director, as he/she typically has the artistic vision for the film and full control of how the films themes, aesthetics and mood will be played out.

Technical requirements will include a camera, tripod, microphone, LED lighting, microphone, and a PC. The camera that I intend to use will be the canon 550, as it is the most readily available to me.  The microphone that I use will most likely be a shotgun, and it will be used to record sound effects and Foley.

Section 3: Evaluation (approx. 150 words)
    In the process of creating this film, I will keep track of all of all of the changes in decisions I will make and ideas I have for specific shots by creating storyboards and lists. Through researching and watching other experimental films, I will definitely get more inspiration for what I would like to include, for what I want to include and how I would like to creatively represent the films message, and I will make note of all of this appropriately.

I will record exactly what I do on each filming day through a written production diary and photographs. Any changes that are made to the narrative or the shots will also be written here.

Also, as I want to spend a lot of time exploring the way I edit this project, I may decide to change certain elements according to how I see fit, and how well they fit together when I see the final project.

Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)
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