My mission Statement:

In every film that I create, I aim for them to have a greater purpose other than to soley entertain. I aim to use my film-making skills to share stories that inspire,  educate, elevate, and relate to people from everywhere- The topics that I chose are not random, but instead resonate with me, edging me to share it with other people.

Initial Ideas!

Idea 1: Documentary on Homelessness in Kent and London.

What are you considering producing?

This idea involves interviewing people who live on the streets in Folkestone, possibly other parts of Kent, as well as homeless people who live in a shelter, in London, and hearing their story. The aim of this production would be to get an insight into the circumstance of the people often ignored.

I wanted to make the perspective a little broader than solely interviewing people in Folkestone, and my sister from London, knows a homeless shelter in London who may be willing to let me interview some of the residents.

stats homeless.PNG


Why are you considering making this?

This is a topic that I wanted to learn about and explore. I thought that putting the spotlight on people who are often ignored or harshly judged would be insigthful to not only make, but watch.

Why is it important to you?

My main aim about this project is to let people tell their stories, and give them the voice that they are too often not granted. The homeless are all individual people with their own testimonies and life stories and to give each their own voice instead of labelling them as a single thing would to be interesting to learn about, as a filmmaker and an audience.

What skills are you going to be using?

I want to utilise all of the skills that I have acquired and learnt from this course. It will include directing, editing, filming and producing.

Who is your target audience?

My target audience will include the residents of Folkestone and London, who are around homeless people often but may not much notice of them. Furthermore, people who like documentaries will be included in the target audience as well as  people who are already quite concerned about the homeless, and would therefore be intrigued to learn more about their circumstances from the documentary.

What research will you be carrying out?

Research for this project will be quite vast, as I not only will have to research the topic, but will also have to research the best places to go to interview people who live on the streets. I will also have to confirm with shelters whether the residents staying there will be willing to answer some of my questions.

Background research on the topic will include the statistics of the amount of homeless people within the regions that I am exploring, the most common reasons people may become homeless as well as the stereotypes associated with them. I will conduct this research by the use of books, interviews and asking people around me, and the internet.

Idea 2: Biography/ Art film of an immigrant living in Folkestone

I aim to showcase my editing and cinematographic skills for this production, and concentrate mainly on that. The theme and backdrop of the video however, will be the story of an individual who has recently moved to Folkestone not necessarily out of choice, talking about the cultural differences between where she’s from and where she lives now.

Why are you considering making this?

As said in my mission statement, my main fascination with creating films is being able to tell stories, and translate it in a way that will resonate most with the target audience. Similar to the previous idea, I’d like to tell a story that is not commonly explored. The amount of immigrants is always a hot topic, but what about who these people are as individuals, what they have been through and where they have come from.

Why is it important to you

Peoples attitude towards immigrants can quite often be so judgmental, prideful and ignorant. I would love to remind people through the making of this video that it is  ahuman life we are talking about, not just a statistic.

What skills are you going to be using?

For this film, I would like to mainly show my editing skills. I will focus on getting different angles of the subject and different shots- particularly close ups. (for example extreme close up on the mouth when they are talking. ) I will want to use artificial and outdoor lighting, and would like their environments within the film to reflect what it is they are talking about. ( bright sunlight when they talk about hope, eerie forest when they discuss their fears.)

Who is your target audience?

My target audience will include people who have immigrants from war torn countries within their communities, and people who are interested in finding out more about them.

Inspiration for editing of this film.


Idea 3:

What are you considering producing?

This piece will revolve around the idea of subconscious versus reality and how the two are closely connected to each other. This will be more of an experimental piece- and a lot of influence will be taken from experimental cinema. The film will go back and forth between what is going on in the subjects head and what is actually happening around her, in the real world. The main theme that the clips will portray . A theme will include how the world seems to be deteriorating morally- injustice, selfishness, materialism, lack of care for other people, deceit, abuse of power, fabrication through the emedia. The subject is evaluating all of this, how the world works and her inability to make a significant change frustrates her.  It will end however, on a positive note.

[Despite all our individual characteristics, no matter what education we have or what social rank we may have inherited, and irrespective of what we may have achieved in our lives, we all seek to find happiness and to avoid suffering during this short life of ours.

In light of these considerations, the time has come, I believe, for each one of us to start thinking and acting on the basis of an identity rooted in the phrase “we human beings.””

To put it less eloquently, we are all in this together. If there is one thing every single person can take away from the pain in the world right now, may it be a drive to do better in their own life. To be kinder. To practice compassion and empathy every day, to the best of their ability]

Skills I intend to use:

I want to experiment with colour, as shown in the video- paint in water, paint on paper, as well as colour through lighting.

simple animation- drawings to depict the themes described


Why are you considering making this?

I want to explore the world of abstract film as this fascinates me emmensly. It makes the audience really think, and allows for so much creativity and experimentation while still containing a key message.

Why is it important to you?

Although I am really passionate about creating non fiction, factual pieces like the ideas previously mentioned- experimental film will let me express my thought and views in a more creative way.