This week, we explored how the visual side of pre production links to the other stages of production, and what elements are included.


How does pre-production apply to visuals?

  • Storyboarding

Storyboarding is the practice of illustrating either through pictures or lists the intended sequence of events that will occur in a film production. It is usually done in a very visually stimulating way, so that the scenes for the film can be easily envisioned by the entire crew and therefore planned effectively before production starts.

  • List of shots that will be needed

Making an organised list of all the different shots that will be needed for filming, beofre it starts is essential for an easy flowing production. When having having come up with an idea for a film, one often thinks first of little details, that eventually lead to a full idea being formed. They could be the the way a blue lights casts shadows on a characters face, creating a somber mood, or even the way a the camera shifts from different icons within a scene. These are things that played a big part in the forming of an idea, and to write these thoughts down as they come is essential; they could give the film that edge that it may need.

  • Set the camera and lighting according to location

A key thing that I have learnt through filming these tasks is the amount of influence light has on a scene. Depending on how a scene is lit, can change the it’s entire mood, sometimes for the better, and other times for the worst. It is therefore important to be prepared on the way a scene will be lit, and how the lighting will look in that particular environment during pre production, as a lot of time will be saved that would otherwise be spent experimenting with the camera settings and trying to get the lighting in the right place to portray the right effect.

  • Casting of the actors

This step is quite obviously significantly important, as the actors of a production are one of the key elements, and if they are not properly prepared for filming, a lot of money and time would be wasted. It is therefore essential for enough rehearsals to take place, and for the actors to have good discussions with the director, to make sure they are on the same page in portraying the character that was envisioned for the film.

  • Gather together a crew for filming

Gathering a filming crew is a tedious yet essential step in pre production that has everything to do with both production and post production. Besides the actors, there is also second unit director, writer, director of photography, sound engineer, foley artist, music director, producer, production accountant, location manager, and depending n the size of the production, there could be a lot more.

What are the elements that need to be considered?

  • Equipment

  • Location scouting

  • Finance

  • The actors and crew

  • Time constraints

Who are the key crew members?

  • Cinematographer
  • Director
  • Director of lighting
  • Camera operators
  • Lighting operator
  • Producer

How do they link with the other stages of the production process?

the visual aspects within pre production is so closely linked with that of production and post production, as neither would go smoothly without the pre production having been done effectively.


The storyboard is a major asset in the planning of a film- and is something that is carried down from pre production right down to post. It is a depiction of how the final piece will turn out. It is particularly linked with the production process as serves as it can serve as a visual plan of how the film scenes are meant to play out. It not only serves as a massive time saver, but also provides a quick, visual way for the entire crew to have a clear knowledge of how the sequence of scenes is meant to look, and be is important to thoroughly plan the visuals before filming to ensure no time is wasted on set, and to make sure there is a clear knowledge with every crew member what the sequence of scenes is meant to look like.

Furthermore, the only way that the actors can do a good job during production, is if they have had enough preperation on what they are required to do, before filming has started. Before this even, right actors have to be recruited, and to make sure the right person is playing a designated role is a huge decision, that will effect the entire production. . Aside from the actors, the entire crew as a whole has to be recruited as well as prepared for the tasks they have to perform when production starts. The crew will need to be fully prepared.

(pinterest 2017)

Moreover, in regards to the ways pre production links to post production, the storyboard is very much just as important. It serves as a guide for the editors to follow, so that they are clear about which scene needs to follow what, and exactly what is required of them. Depending on how detailed the storyboard is, for example if it contains elaborate drawings and detailed descriptions of scene cuts and angles, will influence the editing style and determine how much personal input the editor has. The storyboard may also be adjusted and added to since the start of production.

Lastly, it is quite obvious that post production could be a big mess it pre production was not performed effectively. Due to insufficient planning, scenes may have to be re shot, lines may have to be re recorded, and after effects as well as colour correction may be more complicated and lengthly than it should be. Time management and organisation is the most important factor that links pre production to post production- a successful start will lead to a successful end.

It is clear that success of a film relies heavily on how well it was prepared, thought about and organised.



Pre Production Paperwork:


Health and Safety Form


health and saftely


Location Reece

location reecexd.PNG



storyboard 1



storyboard 2

Link to the video produced:


I did not like how my project turned out and I honestly did not have a great time making it either. However, it has taught me important skills such as working in a team, and has given me an insight into what working in the film industry can be like. When working with my group, I felt that I had little control over the filming, lighting and the way the scenes played out as a whole. The only part of production that I could control and potentially be creative with was the editing, at which point I found myself with a lot of footage I would have filmed differently, leaving little space for creativity. Usually, in other productions, my entire team would work together at producing the best final piece possible but during this project, everyone was set in their particular role and did that role independently with little input from others. Having been assigned slating, I was not as involved in the production stage. I understand however, that many careers in the film and TV industry can be like this, and it served as a bit of a reality check for me- I will not always have control over how a project turns out, but never the less, I have to do my job to the best of my ability. N.p., 2017. Web. 10 Apr. 2017.

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