This week was quite enjoyable, and really informative. I enjoyed researching the different camera movement techniques on my own as well, and watching video examples of some of the shoots that I could implement into my own work. Learning about the work and techniques of the filmmaker Akira Kurosawa was also very insightful, and it led led me to watching quite an inspiring video where he gave advice to young aspiring filmmakers like myself. Also, the different devices and technologies that are available to create different effects in terms of camera movement such as the dolly, track, rigs to keep it steady, and more.

In class, we were shown a number of videos where the importance of screen direction and maintaining it in all of our shots was emphasized. There are a couple rules that every filmmaker needs to know about composing a film,(such as screen direction) even if you intend to break them for a dynamic effect, it is important to know exactly what you are breaking and the effects it will have.

Peer Feedback:

“First of all, this is a really good post! I really like the way you illustrated your work and the way you layed it out. It stands out really well so that it makes people want to read more. You explain all your points with great detail and you show an example to show the others that you understand the topic. You explain it in such a fascinating way that it really attracts those reading it to know about it.So again, really good blog post, well done!”

– Marwan