Unit 2 – Editing Research

I really enjoyed researching editing techniques and learning more about wel known and talented editors such as Walter Murch. I definitely learnt many things that I can apply to my own editing, and with this element being one of my favorites in the film making process, it was certainly an informative yet enjoyable task.

Unit 3 – Working Practices

My favorite part of this task was to make a career timeline, and really right down exactly what my dream outcome of a career would be, as unrealistic as it might sound. I tried to make it as close to what could actually happen in my circumstances as possible, and is actually my genuine plan for the next 19 years. Although it might not go as smoothly as I illustrated, and hoping to have a career that is similar in some way to what I discussed, and I am prepared to work as hard as possible to achieve it.


Unit 4- Representation.

This lesson was particularly interesting for me. I loved that we explored the more controversial side of film making, and were made aware of the amount of influence a film or TV show can have in it’s audience, and how people in the real world view people and situations because of it. The Hegemanic principle was also really intriguing to discuss, as it can’t be ignored that media is too often used as a control tool, to make society think and act a certain way. In the course that I am doing, I thought it quite essential to discuss this, and was glad that this week, we did. I really believe in the amount of influence the media has on the general public, and I have always intended to make my films in a way that can influence the public in a positive way, helping to improve society in the ways that I can.

Peer Feedback


Your research into Walter Murch was very detailed and I enjoyed reading about your research into the rule of six. I also liked the fact that you included a video into this post for visual references. I think it is clear you have a good understanding of the different working practices and your career timeline shows you are passionate about pursuing a career in film and know what it takes to get there, however it could be slightly more detailed. I also thought your representation blog was very good and the characters you have chosen reflect the stereotypes well.