The two major assignments this week involved an introduction to editing through the software ‘Avid’ and learning about the process of pre film production research , and all the details that it entails.

Learning about Avid was quite challenging and at times frustrating for me, as would be expected when learning to operate something one is not used to. As I am used to using Premiere Pro, and knowing exactly where to go and what to press to create a certain effect or portray exactly what I picture for the short video, it was frustrating knowing what I wanted to achieve for a particular video clip yet not knowing where on the program to go to produce this idea. However, as the lessons progressed, I started to get my head around it more. The only problem is the limited time that we got to explore the program even more. If I was able to use it at home or even in the LRC to really delve into and teach myself what this program can do, it would be so helpful.

Furthermore, when learning about production research, I was initially overwhelmed by all the detail that has to go into making a single scene in a movie. Although I knew that a lot of work was done to create the final movie product, it didn’t occur to me just how much it was until this lesson. In all honesty it left me a bit baffled at the size of the film industry and all the small jobs within it. Some people work extremely hard to get a job as a camera or sound assistant, and end up carrying a cord or holding a mic as a career for their lives. It made me contemplate on exactly how I could fit into this huge industry realistically, and actually be a creator.

When completing the blog,  I was at first a little hesitant and reluctant, as this type of research is not the most exciting. However, it quickly become interesting when I realised how much I did not know about the props and locations used within a film, and all the places and things that are available specifically for filmmakers. It was interesting to watch exactly how a shooting scene with guns is filmed,what type of fake guns are out there for this purpose, and the functions of each.


From reading your week 5 blogs it is clear you understand Avid well and have learnt a lot in just one week. This blog post would be very helpful for someone who has never used avid as the points you have made are very clear. I really enjoyed reading your production post as it is extremely detailed and you have researched into everything you would need to consider in the film industry. One point I would suggest however is that you could have included more for your primary research. I also liked that you have used screen shots of the websites you have chosen so it is easy to see where the research has come from.