Unit 1

The first lesson of this week involved learning about the 180 degree rule, and how important it is in reminding the directors as well as the audience where the cameras positioned while shooting scenes. As an extension to this, specific angles such as over the shoulder shot, shot reverse shot and match on Action were also discussed. They were later practiced, and this gave me a huge insight into how much time is spent filming one specific scene, because of all the different angles it is repeatedly filmed at.

Unit 2

Completing the Research Plan and Project was my favorite assignment for this week. I hadn’t previously realised how interested I was in the way cinematography can play such a big part in telling the story within a film. I enjoyed watching and analysing Do The Right Thing and noticing different things within the filming of it each time I watched it. I also enjoyed reading articles about its camera techniques that I hadn’t noticed when watching it myself.

Unit 3

The Narrative Theory class was very informative and engaging, especially as we were able to visually see the narrative types and techniques that we discussed. The actual story within a movie is definitely one of my favorite aspects of film, and so learning more about this and writing my own short story was quite enjoyable.

Unit 4

Lastly, learning about being a cinematographer was very similar to the other professions within the film industry, but I still managed to learn quite a bit from the class. In all honesty, this is my least favorite blog post to complete, as there is not as much room for creativity than the other units.