Unit 1

The first lesson for this week involved learning about Sound Waves and the way by which we hear it. We learnt about the different types of Microphones, and how different ones can be used for different tasks. Learning about polar patterns was also very interesting and gave a deeper insight into the sound recording side of Film, something I was previously not too familiar with. Also, recording our own sound Foley was really interesting, I definitely look forward to spending a lot more time on sound within a film that I make, rather than manly the visuals. Knowing about what microphones work best for a particular task will really help me to make quality audio.

Unit 2

Secondly, writing up a research plan on Sound Foley was something I thoroughly enjoyed this week. Having known nothing about this career before and not realising just how many of the sounds within a movie are made separately and not on the movie set opened my eyes in a big way. I really look forward to being creative in the different things I can use to recreate sounds for a film.


Unit 3

Exploring Mise En scene and the sound used within it really helped to give an overview of the many elements within a film that are all encoded in a specific way to give a particular message. I learnt how it brings the props, location, sound, clothing, actors, lighting and editing all together, so that they are all connected in portraying different themes, moods and following the narrative. I will now definitely keep all of these elements in mind when making a film, as each one plays a very important role, and is as significant as the other.

Unit 4

Learning about the career path of a sound engineer was quite similar to that of a lighting engineer.  However, the specialist jobs such as a Foley artist ans sound mixer were interesting to learn about. Although I do not aspire to be a sound engineer, in order to make my own films, I will definitely need some knowledge of what it involves. I’ve learnt that theatre is a great way to get an insight into this and even if it is just to observe or shadow someone who works on sound there, this would be of great value to me.