UNIT 1: Lighting Techniques

This week, I learnt a great deal about lighting techniques, and how to use them. Never having had much exposure to the many technical capabilities of the camera, the practical session of experimenting how the same picture looked with different white balance settings gave me an insight into how effective this can be when trying to achieve a particular look for a scene when shooting.


UNIT 2: Research Plan on Lighting

In addition, learning about the research plan and completing it on the blog gave me  practice in my research skills and challenged me in a positive way, in trying to find the most accurate and reliable information as well as putting what i had learnt into my own words.

UNIT 3: How to become a Lighting Engineer

Furthermore, the lecture involving the career path of a lighting engineer was intriguing and informative. Although I am enjoying learning about all the different techniques that ca be used with lighting, it made me realise it is not something that I would want to specialise in.

UNIT 4: Theory- Genre

Lastly, the lecture about genre was something I was fairly familiar with, having done literature as an A Level. However, it was interesting to learn how different it was when it pertained to film. One thing that I hadn’t realised was so important in the producing of a film was how much the audience’s genre expectation mattered. It is one of the main things that the director has to keep in mind when creating his or her work, and the success of the film is heavily reliant on this.