‘Who am I?’ Monday Montage



This montage depicts the various things that define me, and who I identify as. The most prominent would be my ethnic makeup and the different cultures within them that I identify with. As I lived the longest in Trinidad, in the Caribbean, I expressed this country’s aspects the most. It’s music, festivals, food and energy within the people all contribute to and inspire who I am. Also, my passion to explore and travel and my love for the outdoors really adds to my character and who I see myself as. Music by artists such as J Cole also inspire and develop thoughts and values that I feel strongly about, or simply relate to, by the way they express their views and opinions through music. I love to be around people, to socialize and connect with them, but at the same time, I love my own company and honestly enjoy doing things by myself. 


Favorite Film Scene



The Spectacular Now (2013)

Directed by James Pontsoldt


The Spectacular Now is a coming of age movie, and it is centered around Sutter Keely, a teenager in his last year of school. At the beginning of this scene, Sutter and his girlfriend Amy watch from his car as Sutter’s father entertains some friends at a bar. The last time Sutter saw his father before this was before he walked out on his mother and the rest of his family when Sutter was barely 6 or 7 years old. Despite this, he has always defended his dad no matter what, even though the rest of his family completely cut him off. Even though they had agreed to meet up, Sutter’s father clearly couldn’t be bothered to keep his word. This affects Sutter badly as we see in the scene, worsening his already bad drinking problem. I think this scene is powerful because of how raw and believable the emotion is expressed by the actors. Also, it shows that people are not how they always appear on the surface, as while they make seem to be perfectly happy, there is always something deeper about them, maybe something they are struggling with that the person looking from the outside may not know about. Sutter, who throughout the movie is the life of the party, very confident and constantly making everyone laugh starts to break down in this scene. He not only is deeply affected by the neglect of his father, but also reveals his own insecurities of not being good enough, and he takes this out on Amy. Also, the way in which this scene is shot makes the audience connect with the characters even more. It is all filmed in mainly one shot, with the camera focusing solely on Amy and Sutter. This allows the audience to clearly see how the raw emotions of the characters, particularly Sutter, build up as the scene progresses, leading to a dramatic climax.


Monologue Clip



In the production of this one minute video, I found it particularly difficult to get exactly what I wanted, in the way I wanted, in just one take. Consequently, it didn’t quite come out the way I wanted it to. The video was meant represent how abstract a person really is, as they are not made up of one, straight forward thing, but instead have so much complexity and different aspects about them. A sturdy hand and smooth transition from painting to painting are two things I struggled to achieve while filming. But with the help of editing and a better camera, (I used my phone for filming) the end result could have been quite a bit improved.

Photo task 



This personal montage displays things that are important to me. They are mainly moments captured with or of family and friends which is obviously a huge priority in my life. However, it also includes other things that make me, me which i had mentioned before in both the previous collage and short monolugue; my love for the outdoors and exploring, and my passion for travel and visiting new places.