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Extended Project

Rhiana Bonterre Extended project Portfolio            


Project Pitch Presentation


Task 1: Define project and background My project revolves around the frustration that the subject feels from the negativity going on in the world from materialism, poverty, climate change and peoples lack of concern for this, who’d rather worry about... Continue Reading →


LITERATURE REVIEW   Experimental Film: Why I chose it “Experimental film’s purpose is not to simply carry out an amusing story, but to fully express the tremblings of man’s unconscious.” This quote by Jonas Mekas, one of the writers in... Continue Reading →


Task 1: AREA'S IN THE INDUSTRY THAT MY WORK WILL BE RELEVANT TO POWER POINT: Areas in the Industry that my work will References   Task 2: EQUIPMENT   For my project, a wide range of... Continue Reading →

Project Proposal

UAL Awarding Body - Level 3 Diploma Unit 8 - Project Proposal Name Rhiana Bonterre Pathway Project Title Final Major Project Section 1: Rationale (Approx. 150 words) The themes of materialism and narcissism that I intend to portray in this... Continue Reading →

Progression Week

My mission Statement: In every film that I create, I aim for them to have a greater purpose other than to soley entertain. I aim to use my film-making skills to share stories that inspire,  educate, elevate, and relate to people... Continue Reading →

Week 1 FMP

This week, I created two mind maps. One which gave an overview of all of the different things I have learnt since the start of the course and what stood out to me the most. The second assignment required us... Continue Reading →

Week 8- Friendship Project

'The Scene' Project   UAL Awarding Body Level 3 Diploma   Unit 5,6,7 Project Proposal Friendship   Name                                              Rhiana Bonterre Pathway   Project Title  Friendship Section 1: Rationale (Approx. 100 words) This project revolves around the idea of superficial... Continue Reading →

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