Rhiana Bonterre

Project Proposal

UAL Awarding Body - Level 3 Diploma Unit 8 - Project Proposal Name Rhiana Bonterre Pathway Project Title Final Major Project Section 1: Rationale (Approx. 150 words) The themes of materialism and narcissism that I intend to portray in this... Continue Reading →

Progression Week

My mission Statement: In every film that I create, I aim for them to have a greater purpose other than to soley entertain. I aim to use my film-making skills to share stories that inspire,  educate, elevate, and relate to people... Continue Reading →

Week 1 FMP

This week, I created two mind maps. One which gave an overview of all of the different things I have learnt since the start of the course and what stood out to me the most. The second assignment required us... Continue Reading →

Week 8- Friendship Project

'The Scene' Project   UAL Awarding Body Level 3 Diploma   Unit 5,6,7 Project Proposal Friendship   Name                                              Rhiana Bonterre Pathway   Project Title  Friendship Section 1: Rationale (Approx. 100 words) This project revolves around the idea of superficial... Continue Reading →

Week 7: Visuals

This week, we explored how the visual side of pre production links to the other stages of production, and what elements are included.   How does pre-production apply to visuals? Storyboarding Storyboarding is the practice of illustrating either through pictures... Continue Reading →

Week 6 – Audio

This week, we once again focused on the elements of audio in film and television production. However, we payed particular attention to the part it plays in pre production. (Caleb Ward 2014) How does pre production apply to audio? There are so... Continue Reading →

Week 5 Audio

This week, we revisited audio, how we hear sound, and the types of microphones together with there uses. We ended the week by creating 2 audio projects that entailed everything that we had learned. The first thing we did was learn... Continue Reading →

Week 4 Reflection and feedback

Week 4

LIGHTING A lighting director, or Director of Photography is the person who is in charge of creating the desired look for a film in terms of lighting, framing and camera movement. They are one of the most important Heads of... Continue Reading →

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